Degreasers!!! What type to use and when to use it.

Date Posted:12 January 2018 

Industrial Degreasers

Every industry has its' cleaning and production challenges when it comes to removing greasy soils from hard surfaces.
Degreasers come in several physical formats and several types within each format.
The following is a brief discussion of the various types of degreasers available from Fingertens, their properties and main uses.


Solvent based degreasers are liquid products with the major component being a solvent. Solvent here means a water immiscible liquid, and in most cases, refers to a material of petrochemical origin.


These solvents are incorporated into a finished formulation which is water miscible and thereby rinse able.

The solvents in the formulation dissolve grease and oil on the soiled article allowing all the dirt to be rinsed away with water.

These formulations are generally safe on all hard surfaces. They provide for easy application via low pressure stream sprayer with rapid penetration of grease and oil. Agitation with a brush is required only on areas with built up grease and grime.
Complete and rapid rinsing is a feature of a well formulated product. High pressure water spray being the preferred rinsing method.


Although they are very effective and in some applications indispensible. solvent based degreasers have some drawbacks. To be effective, solvent based degreasers should only be applied to a "water dry" surface. So if a second application is required after rinsing, there is a considerable delay in waiting for the surface to dry.
(Note: Cleaning can proceed immediately by using a suitable water based degreaser for the
 second application.)
Because of their petrochemical content, solvent based degreasers place an additional load on oil separators and need to be closely monitored to ensure soil and solvent is not entering the sewage system.


Fingertens GREASE-RID is an example of a solvent based degreaser and although it is petrochemical based is classified non flammable.






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Water based degreasers are complex mixtures of various ingredients that work synergistically and in combination penetrate grease and oil, making the soils water miscible, allowing clean rinsing.

Being water based they can be applied several times, or continuously via pressure spray equipment, without loss of potency.
Depending on the original concentration of the product, water based degreasers can be diluted with water before application, gaining a significant cost advantage over solvent based degreasers.
They are very versatile and can be used on almost any surface, and with proper selection can even be used on fabrics including carpet and upholstery.
Properly formulated water based degreasers break easily in oil separators reducing maintenance.

On the down side water based degreasers take a little longer to penetrate thin oily films on paintwork than their solvent based counterparts, and sometimes leave "clean lines" and "shadows" on cleaned surfaces. Although these are easily eliminated with light agitation it continues to be a challenge to formulate water based degreasers that leave a completely clean surface on every type of material without some sort of agitation.


Some versatile examples of Fingertens water based degreasers follow.


X-Stream a non caustic alkaline cleaner that effectively removes oil, grease, brake dust and road grime from all engine and wheel surfaces.

Quick break for easy oil separation, low foam for easy rinsing.








X-Stream Plus is the same formulation as X-Stream but with some caustic for extra bite. Suitable for use in hot or cold water pressure cleaners. Exercise caution when using on paint work, soft metals and delicate surfaces.








Power Plus is an all purpose safety cleaner. Use on any surface not affected by water. Wet glass surfaces before application and rinse promptly and thoroughly to avoid streaking. Superb soak cleaner for automotive and engineered parts. Safe on any metal including aluminium. When used in degreasing tanks or hot water pressure washers, it can be heated to 60oC for faster and more powerful action.  Great all round car detailing product. Use with confidence on plastic, vinyl, fabric carpets painted surfaces etc. Dilutes up to 50:1.




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Fingertens have many other types of degreasers available, many of which such as Transclean, Ultracrete and Floor Power are designed for specific applications.


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