Use the proven THREE - STEP system
you will work better look better and feel better

Your hands are the most expensive and versatile work place tools you will ever own. They are also irreplaceable. Make every effort to give them the best care. Think of your future. It is good sense to take advantage of the opportunity given to you with this ‘BEST PRACTICE’ hand care system.

Step 1. PREPARE FOR WORK . . . . . . . . .

Before any work-period apply barrier cream. Barrier cream not only helps protect the skin from irritants, grime and soils, but also helps "lock in" the natural, protective oils on your hands. This step is arguably the most important and also the most neglected. By using a barrier cream you will get cleaner hands, using a milder cleanser and achieve pristine results in record time.

Fingertens barrier creams are fast drying, non greasy, without stickiness.

& the use of the correct hand cleaner

Do not rush , take a minute to rub the cleanser well into dry hands, then wet hands, rub again and rinse off thoroughly. It is bad practice to simply wipe off the dirt and cleanser without rinsing.
Use the appropriate hand cleaner for the work you do. Fingertens have 6 specialised hand cleaners for various soil types. It is good practice to use the mildest hand cleaner available for your occupation.

STEP 3. AFTER WASHING . . . . . . . . .

Reapply the barrier cream as required during the course of the working day. At day’s end use the Fingertens skin conditioner to aid in moisturising and repairing any minor damage that may have occurred through work.


In summary. Use a barrier cream. Clean your skin with the mildest hand cleaner that will do the job. Use a skin conditioner to help keep the skin supple