A new website with our CUSTOMERS in mind. Our new website is here but it's by no means finished. The good news is it will never be finished, but will continue to be a work in progress. Because we live in a rapidly changing world, we will develop and add products to our range, so we will change the content and usefulness of this site as the requirements of our customers change. So come back often and keep up to date.

A secure customer login ("My Account"  link, top right hand corner) to give access to past invoices and product purchases. The system allows customers to download and print invoices, pay online by EFT or credit card and build an order based on previous purchases, saving time and eliminating the need to enter account details each time.

Fingertens is well known for their hand care products, from industrial strength hand cleaners, lotion cleansers, personal sanitizers and also barrier creams and skin conditioners, but is less well know for their cleaning and maintenance products. Fingertens has in excess of 150 products in the range. If you want to clean something, treat something or paint something, it is likely Fingertens have a suitable product. 
Every month a product is selected to high light its' intended uses and its' features and best of all it is massively discounted.
Watch this space !

How to take care of your most valuable tools.
If you work with your hands you would be acutely aware of how important they are. They are without doubt the most expensive and versatile tools you own.

Click here for a simple method of hand care.



The Globally Harmonised System (GHS) for the classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals comes into effect on the 1st January 2017.

The GHS mainly affects importers, manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals, but there are implications for end users in regard to labelling of decanted product.

If you decant product in an undiluted form to another container, that container requires labelling with the same style label as the original container. If you dilute the product, your container will need to be labelled, but the label will almost certainly be different to the original, depending on the final concentration of any hazardous substances.

Fingertens can help with labelling compliance by providing PDF documents of labels for printing at your site.

More information regarding the GHS can be found here .