the water based degreaser twins.

Traditionally degreasers were solvent based, very easy to use and generally very effective.

Although they continue to have applications where they are the number one choice, they do however have some serious drawbacks.

Being solvent based they need to be used at 100% concentration. This makes them expensive.

For effective performance they need to be applied to a dry surface, and rinsed off with water. This means that if a second application of  degreaser is required, the item needs drying, somehow, before this can be effective.

And because they are rinsed off with water forming a fairly stable emulsion of solvent, grease, oil and soil and water, a heavy load is placed on your oil separator before the effluent can be discharged into the sewer.

X-STREAM and X-STREAM PLUS, are water based so they do not have these disadvantages.