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Just about everybody uses soap or some other personal hygiene product to keep their hands clean and healthy. It is from this standpoint, and from the knowledge that dirty and neglected hands are often the breading ground for bacteria and viruses. These can be the cause of many illnesses including common colds, influenza and many serious bacterial infections. 
Fingertens markets a complete range of work place, hand care products to make it easy, convenient and comfortable  for workers to wash their hands as required, thereby promoting a healthier workplace.

To allow for an integrated approach to personal cleanliness, Fingertens now produces a complete range of products required to clean, maintain and sanitize workplace washrooms and toilet facilities.

This approach inevitably led to the formulation and production of chemical specialties outside the personal care arena, resulting in the development of maintenance and production chemicals, and cleaning materials for all industries.

At Fingertens we continue to develop new products for existing applications and are continually looking for better solutions to your hygiene, maintenance and production problems.

We make our products as green as we can, as safe as we can and as good as we can, whilst all the time keeping our customer and value for money, uppermost in our mind.

At Fingertens we are easy to do business with and committed to providing products of superior quality and value. This philosophy extends to our customer service and our general attitude to all aspects of business.


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