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1 L Pump Pack

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  • Biodegradable
  • No silicone
  • Easily removed
  • Reduces hand cleaner usage
  • Economical. Approximately 1000 applications per litre
  • Dispensers available for safe application
  • Skin compatible pH

Helps protect your hands from the ill effects of many industrial soils, solvents and solvent based materials. Fast drying, Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream gives hands a secure non-oily, dry protective film. The emollients keep the hands soft and pliable, with a smooth velvety feel, without being sticky or slippery. It contains no silicone and will not transfer to work surfaces.

Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream minimises intimate contact with soils and irritants with skin, thereby reducing their impact and reducing penetration. This allows for easier removal with a milder hand cleaner.

Use wherever incidental contact with solvents, glues, bitumen is possible. Wherever prolonged exposure to irritant materials is expected, protective clothing should be used with Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream applied underneath and to all areas of exposed skin.
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