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Floor Cleaners

This article focuses on the cleaning of hard floors such as tiles or concrete.

Thousands of studies have been conducted on the benefits of a clean workplace. The most common of these benefits are improvements in image, productivity, health and safety.

Customers are less likely to return to a business that is dirty. Simply put, by keeping your workplace clean you are more likely to have repeat customers.

Your workforce is more productive in a clean work environment. Your staff are more likely to take pride in their work if management does the same.

A clean workplace is a safer workplace. An oily, greasy floor can be slippery and dangerous. A simple cleaning regime is an important, easy and effective approach to maintaining a safe workplace. 

A dirty workplace is usually an unhygienic workplace. It has become all too obvious in recent times that a clean workplace is important for keeping your customers and staff safe and healthy.

How to get the best results for your workplace floor.

Firstly, what type of dirt is on the floor, and what is the floor made of?  Is it an oily, greasy floor where you will need to emulsify the grease before it can be washed away? Or is it a water soluble soil, such as a soft drink, food or garden soil etc that can be easily washed away with less aggressive detergents? Is the floor rough concrete, or is it painted or glossy tile? This is the type of Information required to make the correct decision.

What product is best for your workplace floor?

If you have a painted floor in good condition the following products are safe to use. If your painted floor is cracked and worn, the use of any floor cleaning detergent will hasten the deterioration of the paint film in any area where water can penetrate it and moisten the underlying surface.

SANIFRESH is perfect for water soluble soils. SANIFRESH is a commercial grade disinfectant / detergent designed to disinfect and deodorise in one operation. SANIFRESH can be used to clean and disinfect any hard surface and is a fantastic floor cleaner. SANIFRESH is perfect for mop and bucket cleaning, leaving a pleasant pine fragrance and a streak free finish.

TOP FLOOR is specifically formulated as a floor cleaner for application by machine, but is equally effective for hand application by scrubbing brush / mop and bucket.

Low foam and zero residue, make TOP FLOOR the ideal solution for cleaning painted workshop floors

TOP FLOOR is a mild, but effective floor cleaner for regular maintenance. Active ingredients are biodegradable.

CLEAN-IT is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to wash any surface not affected by water. CLEAN-IT's main benefit is its versatility, working efficiently on water soluble soils as well as on greasy surfaces.

It is very safe and will not affect a painted floor. When used regularly it is powerful enough to clean up a dirty workshop floor but also does a great job on any floor where a clean presentation is required, such as an office or a showroom.

Another great benefit of CLEAN-IT is that it can be used in a spray and wipe application. Perfect for cleaning down greasy equipment such as hoists or even used to spot clean carpet. 

CLEAN-IT can be used in an auto-scrubber or with a mop and bucket.

Although PURE WHITE BLEACH of itself is not considered to be a complete floor cleaner, it is included here because of its unrivalled ability to remove mould and fungus from concrete, brick, tile and grout, whilst killing bacteria and viruses. This makes bleach a “must have” for bathrooms and pool and spa surrounds.

FLOOR POWER is a concentrated, highly alkaline, versatile, heavy duty, fast acting, liquid floor cleaner for raw concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, bricks, and floors painted with a 2 pack system.

FLOOR POWER is effective for mineral greases and oils as well as food fats and grime. Perfect for cleaning a greasy, oily workshop floor.

ULTRACRETE is a powdered, highly alkaline floor cleaner that removes oil, grease and other tenacious soils from workshops, garage floors, driveways, parking lots etc.

It is also suitable for cleaning brick paving and tiled surfaces and can be used by a mop and bucket or scrubbing brush and hose.

Because ULTRACRETE is a powder and contains no water, it has the distinct advantage of being applied neat to particularly dirty patches. The powder is then activated by using minimal water and scrubbing with a stiff brush. The remainder of the floor can then be washed by adding additional water and scrubbing with a yard broom to evenly spread the solution.

Products are sorted by Alkalinity starting with Sanifresh (least aggressive) to Ultracrete (most aggressive.)





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Protect your painted floor

Top Floor is a non caustic, versatile heavy duty floor cleaner. Suitable for use with an automatic floor scrubber as well as a mop and bucket application. Perfect for use on your painted workshop floor.

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