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A simple hand washing hack that saves money

We’ve heard it endlessly for more than a year..

“Wash your hands, Wash your hands.. “  

Covid-19 has among other things amplified the need for personal hygiene and frequent and thorough hand washing and apart from the visual benefit of clean hands we have learned that frequent hand washing is a powerful way to prevent the spread of viruses and other pathogens. 

As important as it is, frequent hand washing can quickly become uncomfortable if the wrong cleaner is used. For example using an “Industrial Strength” hand cleaner for bathroom use is probably overkill, and may cause problems if used as often as hand washing is recommended.

The end result being reduced hand washing, dirty hands and increased risk of illness. Not Recommended. 

The obvious answer is a second but milder soap for bathroom and incidental use. The good news is that there is no extra cost because whenever someone uses the milder and cheaper soap they are not using the stronger and more expensive option. 

Fingertens Clear is the recommended product for bathroom and incidental use in the workplace. It has no grit and a mild cleaning base, making it is easy on skin yet strong enough to remove medium soil loads.

It’s economical with about 300 washes per litre. In comparison heavy duty hand cleaners run at about 150 washes per litre or less. So any concerns about increased costs are unfounded. 

So it’s win, win. 

Remember, keeping hands clean and supple goes a long way to keeping them healthy and more importantly keeping you and your staff healthy.



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