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Give The Stick The Flick!

Fingertens started manufacturing in 1979 when the preferred method of applying hand cleaner was either a free for all with an open bucket or just asoften, a stick of some kind, dipped into an open drum. Surprisingly some 40 years later, these methods are still popular and far too common.

There is a school of thinking leftover from the “old days” that promotes the use of a stick or a piece of conduit as the best dispenser available. After all, it’s cheap, easily replaced, doesn’t break and when used as a dipstick, can with a small amount of skill, dispense the right quantity. Apart from the mess this can create, it sounds like the perfect dispenser, right?


It only takes one worker with an infected cut to contaminate the whole drum or bottle. Every time dirty hands come into contact with the soap it is contaminated with an unacceptable load of dirt and bacteria, quickly becoming unusable.

Sure, all hand cleaners contain preservatives designed to prevent bacterial and mold growth. Some even have antiseptics to help reduce infection. However, the antibacterial systems employed cannot control, let alone, overcome the bacterial assault direct contact imposes. At best the result is a product that becomes filthy and starts to biodegrade in the container, losing its potency and reducing its shelf life. The worst result is a bacterial cocktail that is transferred from worker to worker, exposing them to potential skin issues and illness.

So how does a dispenser help?

From the beginning way back in 1979 Fingertens had a policy of a dispenser for every bottle.

Dispensers restrict exposure of the product to the environment, ruling out contamination by external pollutants such as water, paper towel etc and eliminates the transfer of soil and bacteria from workers’ hands to the container contents. Some argue that the dispensers themselves become contaminated. This can be true, but remember that your hands are washed with clean soap after handling the dispenser hardware.

Good hygiene requires a bit of maintenance.

Keep your wash area as functional as possible, by keeping it clean. Pay particular attention to sinks and washbasins. Provide clean cotton or disposable paper towels.

All dispensers should be kept clean. Washing with a normal detergent such as Hi Suds or a multi-purpose cleaner like Clean-It is satisfactory. Aim to keep dispensers as clean as the cups you use for coffee.

Bulk-Soap-Refillable Dispensers are a cheap and reliable way of dispensing liquid soaps, but remember they will become contaminated if soap reservoirs are not washed regularly.

When moving portable hand dispenser pumps from one container to the next, take the opportunity to wash the outside paying particular attention to the dip-tube. Then pump clean water through the unit till it runs clear.

When installing a new bottle  into a wall-mounted unit, be careful not to touch the dip tube. It’s a good idea to flush the unit with water from time to time and wipe the dip-tube clean with an antibacterial wipe.

A clean dispenser that works is a simple and effective way of improving your workplace health and safety.

If you are having problems with your hand cleaner dispenser please contact Fingertens for assistance.

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