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5 Tips For Healthy Hands During Winter

  1. Use barrier cream:

    The primary benefit of Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream is to provide a protective layer on the skin, acting as a barrier against chemicals, solvents, oils, and other substances commonly encountered in mechanical work. Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream should be applied before each work period or job, especially when gloves can't be used. Order Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream here.

  2. Wear protective gloves:

    Whenever possible, wear gloves that are suitable for the job. We supply a full range of industrial and disposable gloves. For mechanics, we recommend the Bastion Premium Nitrile glove. This glove offers excellent chemical resistance, durability, enhanced dexterity and grip, allowing mechanics to handle small parts, tools, and components with precision. We can supply sizes from small to XXL. Order nitrile gloves here.

  3. Avoid hot water when washing your hands:

    Hot water can strip the natural oils from your skin, leaving it more vulnerable to dryness and irritation. When washing your hands, use lukewarm water instead of hot water.

  4. Maintain proper hand hygiene:

    Good hand hygiene is crucial for overall hand health. Opt for mild hand wash/cleaner where possible. Fingertens Yellow and Fingertens Clear are two options for a milder hand cleaner option, and you can achieve excellent results when used with Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream.  After washing your hands, pat them dry gently instead of rubbing vigorously.

  5. Moisturise regularly:

    Cold and dry winter air can lead to dry and cracked skin. Use a high-quality moisturiser like Fingertens Skin Conditioner to keep your hands hydrated. Apply it several times throughout the day, especially after washing your hands. Order Fingertens Skin Conditioner here.

Remember, these tips are general guidelines, and it's important to consult with a healthcare professional or your doctor for personalized advice if you experience severe skin issues or persistent discomfort.


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