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Build your 1 L x 4 Pack from the follow product options.

Fingertens Blue Hand Cleaner

A careful blend of iso paraffin and water to give an energized emulsion that “breaks” into a water phase and a solvent phase when pressure is applied during the washing process. This di-phase system is able to loosen and bring into solution both oil and water soluble soils thereby giving Fingertens Blue it’s unique cleaning ability, making it the ideal choice for greasy and carbonaceous soils. These properties are amplified by addition of a mild microfined abrasive. 

Fingertens Blue easily removes oil, grease, fresh paint, bitumen, vegetable and animal fats, resinous materials, printing ink (including process blue and warm red), cutting oils, cement, mortar, plaster, glues and paste adhesives. Most suitable for greasy through to dry soils. Real strength with, a built in scrubber for engineers, motor mechanics, tradies etc.           

Leaves a crisp, clean after feel with a pleasant scent.

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Fingertens Clear Hand Cleaner

Fast acting and infused with numerous skin conditioners, Fingertens Clear is a free flowing easily dispensed cleaner. With an advanced surfactant system Fingertens Clear is mild enough to use regularly, even as an all over body wash, and is powerful enough to remove heavy grease, grime, and other soils from the skin.

Fingertens Clear removes the toughest grime without abrasives and without leaving any film or residue on the skin. Fingertens Clear easily rinses clean with water. It is the Ideal hand cleaner for process workers, warehouse personnel, transport workers and drivers, tyre fitters and rubber workers, greenkeepers, gardeners, arborists etc.

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Fingertens Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol

Fingertens Hand Sanitiser 70% alcohol is non-greasy and has built-in skin conditioners to help prevent the drying effects of ethyl alcohol.

Fingertens Hand Sanitiser is an alcohol based, gel sanitiser, to clean, sanitise and refresh the skin. It  should be used regularly when water based soaps are not available. 

Fingertens Hand Sanitiser is easy to apply, effective, comfortable and quick drying to allow a fast return to normal activities.

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Fingertens Pearl Hand & Body Wash

Fingertens Pearl is a light-duty soap with a pleasant, floral scent, suitable for all dispenser styles. It lathers easily and profusely, with easy rinsing. Suitable for use as an all over body wash. In this application the use of a bath sponge is recommended.

Fingertens Pearl is designed for general hygiene areas in restaurants, clubs, industrial and institutional washrooms, etc.

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Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream

Helps protect your hands from the ill effects of many industrial soils, solvents and solvent based materials. Fast drying, Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream gives hands a secure non-oily, dry protective film. The emollients keep the hands soft and pliable, with a smooth velvety feel, without being sticky or slippery. It contains no silicone and will not transfer to work surfaces.

Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream minimises intimate contact with soils and irritants with skin, thereby reducing their impact and reducing penetration. This allows for easier removal with a milder hand cleaner.

Use wherever incidental contact with solvents, glues, bitumen is possible. Wherever prolonged exposure to irritant materials is expected, protective clothing should be used with Fingertens Solvent Resistant Barrier Cream applied underneath and to all areas of exposed skin.

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